About us

Gumptious Technology Co. (GTC) is an innovated company specialized in R&D and manufacture of various types of servo gearboxes. Since 2001, GTC has been well positioned to deliver reliable products and services to our customers and partners all over the world with breakthrough patented technologies.

With innovation and passion, we are committed to be your best business partner in the field of gearbox and motion technology

Our company name, Gumptious Technology Co, derives from the word “gumption” -- meaning courage and initiative -- enterprise and willingness to move forward. Therefore, being gumptious enables us to design and manufacture the best technology products for our customers.

What we provide

GTC provides patented products including the very popular backlash free Ball Reducer , backlash free Right Angle Gearbox(WS series), highly accurate Hollow Rotary Platform Gear Reducer (NT series) and precision Planetary Gearhead (GNP series).

Why choose us

Through the advanced technology and diverse product portfolio, GTC offers the appropriate solutions to our clients, not only reducing costs but also creating the best value. We are also able to offer customized products to meet diversified needs of our customers. Aesthetics, high quality, safety and efficiency, with the products, GTC helps our customers, vendors, our sales channel and our employees become more successful.