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  • Q:How to Choose The Right Gearbox
    A: gearbox

    Before you choose the gearbox, you should consider those conditions

    1.Machine Performance requirements

    For example:

    Torque – refers to the torque load requirement for your application.

    Speed – the turning speed of the output shaft as required by your application.

    Life – how many continuous hours are needed to match the desired life?

    Duty cycle – how long is the gearbox capable of operating before turning off?


    2.Environment Factors

    For Example:

    Space – do you need the gearbox to fit in a confined area?
    Operating temperature – determine whether the temperature at which the gearbox will be operatedwill remain the same or have huge variations.

    Weight – should the weight of the gearbox fall within a certain amount?


    The cost of the gearbox is certainly one major factor that influences your purchase decision. You should realize your how much budget you have before you make a decision.

    In order to make sure that the gear you choose is of the best quality and delivers optimal performance, it is important that you choose a reputed supplier or dealer.

  • Q:Is Spur Gear better than Helical Gear?
    A:According to our statistics ,helix angle in 13 degree and 18 degree’s torque, they just increase 6.37% and 2.72% than spur gear. The result of helix angle is limited.The axial force of helical gear is bigger than spur gear ,which caused lower efficiency. As a whole, spur gear and helical gear have not much difference between precision and backlash.
    the comparison of spur gear and helical gear

    spur gear and helical gear comparison